With beauty and sense(s) to the top employer


With beauty and sense(s) to the top employer

Gurten, 28 October 2021 – "The great interest in our Employer Branding Forum in recent years proves how important employer branding has become for companies," says Andreas Fill, Managing Director of CORE smartwork and host. And just how broad the name-giving topic can really be is evident in the headings of this year's presentations. From the benefits of a blind audition to branding sounds to the fundamental "sense(es) question", the arc spans. Forum participants can look forward to information, innovation and, above all, interaction.

CORE community talk

The actual forum will be preceded by a community talk on the morning of November 18. On the one hand, CORE smartwork customers and partners will have the opportunity to exchange experiences from the "smartwork everyday life". On the other hand, new experiences with the major system update CORE 2.0 can be shared in this context.

Listen – think – discuss

The lecture series will be opened by Rainer Hirt from audity, who will talk about the benefits of audio branding. This will be followed by Michaela Unger from the Carreer Center at Vienna University of Technology on the topic of blind audition, and after her Alexandra Wattie from M.o.o.con, who will share her expertise on work psychology for interior design. After that, Jutta Juliane Meier from Identity Valley will speak, and finally Andy Holzer. The latter, as a blind mountaineer, will pose the question "How do you open the eyes of the sighted?".

There will be plenty of time and opportunity for free chatting and networking at the fifth CORE smartwork Employer Branding Forum. Already at the beginning of the event, space is planned for this, as well as during the lunch break. Exclusively reserved for socializing will be the farewell get-together with DJ Beatklops starting at 6:00 pm. After the Forum 2020 had to be postponed due to corona, the organizers' anticipation is all the greater this year because, after all, he who communicates wins.

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5th Employer Branding Forum postponed until 2022

Due to Corona, the date of the Employer Branding Forum planned for November 18, 2021 will be postponed. In 2022, the CORE team is again looking forward to packed rows of seats in the Future Dome in Gurten. .

The CORE smartwork family is growing

Directly and indirectly, the ranks of CORE smartwork are getting ever more crowded. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that Anja Wiesinger (formerly Bichlbauer) and Michaela Hennerbichler (formerly Keim) were both married in May and, in the case of Michaela Hennerbichler, maternal leave is also imminent. The other reason is that fresh faces have been recruited and are currently being actively sought.

CORE 2.0 – the next generation

Mobile First. User Experience. Responsive Design. CORE smartwork sets new standards in employee relationship management: The Digital Workspace presents new functions, a new design and makes new work come alive.