CORE advanced

The new dimension in employee relationship management.

The comprehensive collection of modules in a single easy-to-use solution – for all areas of employee relationship management and all your company's needs.

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CORE advanced is our comprehensive package, and contains all available modules.

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In our experience, regardless of company size, everyone starts with the communication modules. These are: CORE info, CORE community, CORE atmosphere and CORE tv.

The following system languages are currently available: German (DE), German (AT), Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, English (UK), French, Flemish (BE), Hungarian, Italian, Romanian, Serbian and Turkish. Other languages can be added upon request.

It depends on the number of modules to be prepared and trained on before going live, as well as other parameters such as interfaces. Fundamentally, our product is quickly ready for use, and it can be launched within a few weeks.

Yes, we have already connected CORE to interfaces to various systems to date. A FULL-REST API is also available, which can likewise be addressed.

No, our customers have confirmed time and again that our software is very easy to use and its user guidance is self-explanatory. Only people who need advanced administrative functions need to be trained.

Yes, there is a notification app for Apple and Android, which is available for download from the respective app store, free of charge for our customers.