CORE 2.0 – the next generation


CORE 2.0 –​​​​​​​ from Social Intranet to Digital Workspace

CORE smartwork, the number one in employee relationship management, is the leading social enterprise platform for companies and organisations. Now, with CORE 2.0, it is receiving a complete makeover and setting new standards in the field of communication with this major system update.


Gurten, 31 May 2021 – The coronavirus has been with us for over a year now, posing a real challenge not only to the economy. Times like these show more than ever just how important communication is. "Openness and transparency towards people make a company an attractive employer," explains Michaela Hennerbichler, Managing Director of CORE smartwork. She adds: "Our digital age needs digital solutions that support the most efficient communication possible. Those who focus on strong networking within their company now are investing in their own employees and therefore in a successful future."


Further developments needs updates

Data processing devices such as computers, smartphones and smartwatches, as well as programs and apps, all have one thing in common. They all need updates. In addition to system improvements or various adjustments, these also include security updates. Without these updates, there is a high likelihood that security breaches will completely cripple a system or allow viruses to enter.

Since September 2019, the CORE smartwork team has been burning the midnight oil with software development company Cloudflight Austria GmbH to drive the CORE 2.0 project forward. In the course of this major system update, which implements the latest technical developments in the most modern way, our versatile communication tool has received a facelift with a contemporary and appealing user interface. User-friendliness, design and new, exciting features were the main focus here.

Satisfied users

"The transition from version 1 to the new version has worked very well for us. When we look at the improved search function, the improved mobile view, the intuitive user interface or the new editor – we are positively surprised," says Martina Oberascher, HR Manager at Pappas Holding GmbH and a satisfied customer.

"The new version is much clearer, more straightforward and even easier to use than before. CORE is a great help to us in the organisational area," says Andrea Eckerstorfer, Managing Director of Initiative Lebensraum Innviertel.

"CORE 2.0 is attractive not only with its new features, but also with its modern look," comments Michael Frauscher, Managing Director of Newo Sonnen- und Insektenschutz GmbH, on his experience with CORE 2.0.

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The CORE smartwork family is growing

Directly and indirectly, the ranks of CORE smartwork are getting ever more crowded. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that Anja Wiesinger (formerly Bichlbauer) and Michaela Hennerbichler (formerly Keim) were both married in May and, in the case of Michaela Hennerbichler, maternal leave is also imminent. The other reason is that fresh faces have been recruited and are currently being actively sought.

New shareholder structure for CORE smartwork

The Gady Family group of companies in southern Styria (Philipp Gady) now holds a 27 percent stake in CORE smartwork as a minority shareholder. © GadyFamily

To the future!

CORE smartwork has moved to the Fill Future Zone – a high-tech centre where digitalisation, software development and mechanical development are driven forward. After some 14 months of construction, the work is complete, and the CORE team has moved into the new office.