300 Besucher beim 2. Employer Branding Forum in Gurten

Am 23. November fand in Gurten, OÖ zum zweiten Mal das Employer Branding Forum statt. Internationale Human Resources-Experten gestalteten Österreichs führende Veranstaltung zum Thema Arbeitgebermarke und Mitarbeiterbeziehungsmanagement.

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What is CORE smartwork?

CORE smartwork is the leading social enterprise platform for companies and organisations. It provides companies with the unique software solution for finding, retaining and motivating the right employees. It also enables other types of organisation to network themselves in a smart and effective manner. Alongside technical perfection, CORE provides intelligent expertise for structure and culture in the daily working routine.

The widest variety of organisation areas are represented – extending from the in-house intranet and application management to the academy, through to fleet and building administration, the shop, online surveys, Balanced Scorecard and knowledge management.

The comprehensive communication tool is rounded off with forums, blogs and employees' personal pages.

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Who is CORE smartwork intended for?

CORE smartwork is aimed directly at all chief executives, HR managers and brand managers of smaller and larger companies and networks.

See what renowned managing directors have to say about using CORE smartwork in their companies.

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The book about the software

"Vernetze Mitarbeiter, stifte Sinn – Employee Relationship Management am Beispiel eines Hidden Champion" [Connect employees; provide meaning – employee relationship management based on the example of a hidden champion], published in 2016 by Springer Gabler Verlag. The author Martin A. Schoiswohl supplies the scientific basis for practical application here. He is the creator of the CORE principle and one of the founders of CORE smartwork.

Vernetze Mitarbeiter - Stifte Sinn!

This guide to employee relationship management shows precisely how companies succeed in positioning themselves attractively in the employer market and in recruiting qualified specialists. The decisive factor is the interaction between internal and external communication, between well-being management and personnel development, as well as well-coordinated background processes. The CORE principle developed by the author plays a key role in this process. All the process steps are illustrated in an easily understandable manner based on the example of a hidden champion from the technology industry. The book provides practical support in winning the fight for talent.

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What can CORE do?

CORE smartly bundles together all the central functions and tasks of communication, organisation, health promotion (recreation) and employee development (expert).

Our product range currently consists of 19 modules.

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What is ERM?

Employee Relationship Management is the key to successful development and maintenance of an employer brand.

CORE smartwork allows you to heighten employee satisfaction, willingness to work, innovative strength and creativity as well as increase productivity and productivity in the company.

If the employee feels good then the company does well.

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Why CORE smartwork?

CORE smartwork is the number 1 in employee relationship management.

CORE smartwork is the incomparable international standard for developing and maintaining an employer brand and the key to successful employee relationship management.

The tool for successful employee relationship management was developed over ten years in an Austrian industrial company and tested in practice, before being made available to innovation-oriented companies.

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