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CORE lite

Employee Relationship Management on the Go.

The world is mobile. What had been a slow development became a requirement in 2021. This is why complete control of your employee relationship management is now also mobile. CORE pocket is the compact solution for agile companies.


simple modules for agile employee communication.


% faster response times – employee communication is fast and direct. This leads to greater involvement of the workforce in all aspects of corporate development.

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CORE start

The fast track to conscious employee relationship management.

CORE start bundles the basic requirements of a company in a collection of modules that can be applied quickly and easily. You can administer information about your employees and map basic social media communication within your company. A smart start.


modules form the basis for targeted employee relationship management.


weeks from concept to commissioning.

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CORE standard

Communication & knowledge management:
the principles of modern employee relationship management.

CORE standard comprises the four areas of the CORE principle. It offers efficient and easy-to-use tools. They enable targeted control of all the necessary target parameters for modern employee relationship management. This is how the transformation from the classic production community to an intelligent organization takes place.


modules for targeted control of all relevant target parameters.


% more employee satisfaction – lower turnover, better access to talent and greater resilience.

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CORE advanced

The new dimension in employee relationship management.

The comprehensive collection of applications in a single easy-to-use solution – for all areas of employee relationship management and all your company's needs.
From now on, you can do everything that was previously impossible or took a long time – efficiently and centrally.


modules for comprehensive configuration of the employee relationship management process.


companies trust in the strengths of CORE smartwork. Around 30,100 employees regularly work with the software modules.


We want to increase the quality of our communication so that we can do our work for our customers more efficiently and in a more targeted manner. CORE not only helps us save our time and material resources, but also brings us closer together as a team."

Albin Sorger-Domenigg
Angerhofer GmbH uses CORE start

As a company whose employees mostly work away from the office, communication is particularly important for creating a positive employer-employee environment. In CORE, we have found a tool for maintaining regular contact with our employees, simplifying process and conserving resources through a reduction in the amount of administration work."

Klaus Angerhofer
Angerhofer GmbH uses CORE standard

CORE allows us to disseminate information more quickly, and it reaches all our employees and locations at the same time. This has strengthened networking and information sharing among employees. Some organisational tasks have also been simplified, such as seminar registrations. The option of using likes and comments means that more interaction takes place and information is more likely to be noticed or read. Things like templates, manuals, photos, etc. are gathered in one central location."

Bmstr. DI Wolfgang Kradischnig
DELTA Holding GmbH uses CORE start

Especially in times of crisis, CORE, or as we call it 'Together', is a great communication tool that allows us to communicate with all our employees worldwide. Our employees greatly appreciate this quick and uncomplicated form of communication."

Robert Ebner
EBNER Industrieofenbau GmbH uses CORE advanced

Mag. Philipp Gady

CORE has brought our internal communication to a new level. We can no longer imagine our working day without this system.“

Mag. Peter Peschl
Haidlmair GmbH uses CORE standard

The new version, CORE 2.0, is much clearer, prettier, more straightforward and easier to use. CORE is the hot spot in our organisational area! It is a great help at Innviertel – for events and especially for the creation of printed matter, where we often move large amounts of data around."

© Renate Schrattenecker-Fischer

Andrea Eckerstorfer
Initiative Lebensraum Innviertel uses CORE start

Since introducing CORE, our 175 employees are much better connected. We consider transparency vital in a wide variety of internal company matters – it contributes to generally better communication between all departments. Even employees who mainly work off-site can stay in touch with the company and stay in the loop about daily company news. With CORE, we are perfectly prepared for a future that is developing ever more quickly."

Maria Auer
Metall-Auer GmbH uses CORE start

CORE is our daily companion in everyday work. We can reach all our employees at the same time, thereby keeping us perfectly networked with each other. CORE 2.0 impresses us not only with its new features, but also with its modern appearance. CORE is now an indispensable cornerstone of our company communications."

Michael Frauscher
NeWo Sonnen- & Insektenschutz GmbH uses CORE start

Connect 2.0 – emotional, intuitive and compatible. The upgrade from CORE 1.0 to CORE 2.0 has worked very well for us. The new editor offers lots of new features and helps us prepare content in a more appealing and emotional way. Finally, being able to include pictures and emojis changes our whole way of communication."

Martina Oberascher
Pappas Holding GmbH uses CORE pocket

We have seen in the last two years how important quick information and communication is. In times of home office, the notice board or info terminals can no longer do their job. CORE offers us a way to interact with our staff, as well as quick access to information."

Reinhard Riepl
Reform-Werke Bauer & Co Gesellschaft mbH uses CORE start

Transparent information about operational practice is the basis for open and appreciative interaction with each other. CORE supports us significantly in the targeted integration of new employees, from the arrival of the application, throughout the entire recruiting process and up to onboarding. The fact that (new) employees can access internal administrative regulations or work instructions on a wide range of topics with just a few clicks, for example, in the knowledge database in an uncomplicated and always up-to-date manner, promotes and facilitates integration for both sides considerably.

Elke Ennsbrunner
STRASSER Steine GmbH uses CORE standard

CORE smartwork is our digital home, supporting us perfectly in the areas of communication and organisation. That feeling of “us” and team coherence are boosted enormously by CORE, successfully reinforcing our corporate culture.”

Mag. Daniel Rossgatterer, MBA
ACP TEKAEF GmbH uses CORE start