Digital networking as an opportunity


The „we“ wins: 
Communication is the order of the day

Many companies have realised in recent months how important well-functioning internal communication is. Well-connected employees were suddenly an immense competitive advantage. Their own employees are now increasingly becoming the focus of communication measures.

With the communication software from CORE smartwork, employees exchange information with each other in real time. This meant that they were well prepared for a quick changeover to home office workplaces. CORE bundles the central functions and tasks of communication, organisation, health promotion and employee development in just one tool. This will also be of great importance for companies in the time after Corona.


Gurten, 9 June 2020 – The federal government's measures to curb Covid-19 are being relaxed. In the hour of reorientation, creativity and professional implementation are required. Internal communication plays a key role and is crucial for successful cooperation. Many companies have therefore placed their own employees at the centre of their communication measures in recent months.
One way to do this is to use an intelligent communication platform that connects employees in real time. Software that functions like a company's own social media platform is a tool that promotes team spirit. Moreover, in crisis situations, it is a powerful tool for communication managers to maintain orderly operations, allay staff fears and provide clear guidance. Important rules of conduct in the fight against Corona could thus be communicated easily and quickly to all employees


Digital networking as an opportunity

"If an employee knows well about their own company and about their tasks, they can focus better on the work as well as on their personal development. Openness and transparency towards people make a company an attractive employer," explains Michaela Keim, Managing Director of CORE smartwork, and adds: "Our digital age needs digital solutions that support the most efficient communication possible. The current developments offer us a good opportunity to still jump on the often overslept digitalisation train in time!

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The CORE smartwork family is growing

Directly and indirectly, the ranks of CORE smartwork are getting ever more crowded. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that Anja Wiesinger (formerly Bichlbauer) and Michaela Hennerbichler (formerly Keim) were both married in May and, in the case of Michaela Hennerbichler, maternal leave is also imminent. The other reason is that fresh faces have been recruited and are currently being actively sought.

CORE 2.0 – the next generation

Mobile First. User Experience. Responsive Design. CORE smartwork sets new standards in employee relationship management: The Digital Workspace presents new functions, a new design and makes new work come alive.

New shareholder structure for CORE smartwork

The Gady Family group of companies in southern Styria (Philipp Gady) now holds a 27 percent stake in CORE smartwork as a minority shareholder. © GadyFamily