5th Employer Branding Forum postponed until 2022


5th Employer Branding Forum to be postponed until 2022

Gurten, 12 November 2021 – Almost 400 people have registered for this year's fifth Employer Branding Forum on November 18, 2021. "The great interest in our event proves how important employer branding has become for companies," says Andreas Fill, Managing Director of CORE smartwork and host. "However, due to the current very serious situation regarding the corona situation in Upper Austria, we have decided to postpone the event until 2022," Fill explains. The number of sick people and bed occupancy in intensive care units is currently at an all-time high in Upper Austria. "With our decision, we are taking responsibility and hopefully, with this postponement, we are ensuring that general health is preserved to some extent," says Andreas Fill.

Energized for 2022

The fifth Employer Branding Forum, entitled "Beauty & Meaning(s)", was scheduled to feature presentations by top-notch speakers on topics such as audio branding, fair recruiting, workplace design, digital working environments, and keynote speaker Andy Holzer. The blind mountaineer poses the question "How do you open the eyes of the sighted?". Also scheduled were a community talk for existing customers, tours of the new Fill Future Zone and a get-together with DJ. "The Forum is a place for networking and communication, sharing expertise and getting to know each other. That is not possible in the current situation," explains Fill. The new date for the fifth Employer Branding Forum and details about the 2022 event will be announced as soon as possible. "We are taking our energy with us and are looking forward to a particularly exceptional event in 2022," says Fill.

The new date for the fifth Employer Branding Forum and details about the 2022 event will be announced as soon as possible.

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5th Employer Branding Forum postponed until 2022

Due to Corona, the date of the Employer Branding Forum planned for November 18, 2021 will be postponed. In 2022, the CORE team is again looking forward to packed rows of seats in the Future Dome in Gurten. .

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Under the title "Beauty & Meaning(s)", the CORE smartwork Employer Branding Forum will enter its fifth round on November 18 at the Future Dome in Gurten. A number of respected experts will speak about beautiful and meaningful ideas from the topic area of "employer branding".