Leaders as communicators

Initial situation before CORE

Until the introduction of CORE, managers were our most important communicators. Especially in the production area, there was hardly any other way to contact employees directly. CORE has created a platform that enables transparent communication with all employees and relieves our managers in the process.

Cross-location platform

Focus on what is common

Our employees in Switzerland, Austria and Germany show commitment every day to ensure the best service for our customers. CORE promotes cross-location communication and ensures that our employees are always well informed. The exchange on the platform is fun for our employees and info-entries are made diligently.

The result

Since the introduction of CORE, internal communication has developed greatly. Information is now equally available to all employees and the exchange across locations has also improved thanks to CORE. In addition, numerous processes (e.g. registrations) have been simplified through the use of the CORE atmosphere survey tool.
Our employees appreciate the new platform and use it regularly.

Active users
Info entries

created in the first two months after go-live.