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    Social media communication, the use of digital, social platforms for communication purposes, is having an increasing influence on our lives. Social platforms on the internet are practical and satisfy the basic human need for personal communication in our fast-moving world. Every company can create their own social platform with CORE community, another component of CORE communication.

    Components of CORE soft


    • CORE info – Ensures the swift availability of all types of information. The feeling of being up to date on everything is an important indicator of well-being.
    • CORE community – CORE community allows every company and organisation to create their own platform for blogs and forums. It is ideal for exchanging experiences and as a project management tool.
    • CORE atmosphere – Surveys are completed and evaluated in a matter of minutes. A feedback culture at the highest level – CORE atmosphere makes it possible.
    • CORE standup – This function encourages every single employee to concentrate on the essentials. It helps to bundle personal capabilities and set them to work with focus.
    • CORE dialogue – The professional development interview is the most valuable form of personal communication with employees. Thorough preparation, structured dialogue, confidential documentation and agreement of concrete goals are decisive for success. CORE dialogue supports the process intelligently.


    • CORE system – The systemic basis for the CORE soft modules. The database for all employee master data. Successful communication requires creativity, rigour, and continuity. Structures and processes provide the necessary basis. This is where all information about the structural and procedural organisation can be found.
    • CORE score – Strategic controlling requires management with Balanced Scorecards. CORE soft supports this controlling and management process.
    • CORE map – An intelligent site map and building plan that allows every colleague and every meeting room in every location to be found quickly in 2D. Perfect for security and evacuation plans.
    • CORE mobility/rent – Reservation, removal and return of resources. CORE mobility/rent – and nothing goes missing!
    • CORE inventory – Monitors everything within resource management. From vehicle fleets to IT equipment through to tools.


    • CORE wellness – Supports everything to promote the health of employees. From coordinating appointments with the company doctor to fitness activities through to health coaching.
    • CORE shop – Provides employees with inexpensive access to attractive products. They become enthusiastic wearers of their own brand label. At the same time, the shop is an ideal solution for event ticketing.


    • CORE candidate – That first impression can be decisive when competing for the most promising talent. CORE candidate supports the modern recruitment process perfectly and professionally.
    • CORE academy – Continuous vocational training and further education of the team are a key to success. CORE academy promotes and manages efficient employee development.
    • CORE genius – This module networks people and their knowledge. It prevents the wheel from being constantly reinvented. The simple and communicative solution for knowledge management.
    • CORE idea – Modern ideas management at its finest. There's no better way to support an innovation process.


    • myCORE – In their personal, private area, employees see all news, to-dos and activities at a glance. Quickly and efficiently, they can always access an up-to-date overview of their "CORE world".
      The calculation is simple: If the individual feels good then the team does well. If the team is doing well then the company benefits. If the company benefits then the individual can develop continuously over the longer term. Everyone benefits. CORE smartwork supplies the comprehensive solution for this purpose.


    • CORE app – Notification app for iOS and Android. Current to-dos are always accessible from anywhere on a smartphone or tablet-PC.
    • CORE tv – This makes corporate television an attractive option. Every TV can be controlled individually. Also highly efficient for tourist regions and municipalities.

    more of CORE

    • CORE pocket – The starter pack. It provides a straightforward introduction to the CORE world. CORE system (user data) combined with the info and community modules together form the gateway to social media communication for companies and networks. The module for ideas or knowledge management can be added as an option. It couldn't be smarter!

    One software package for all systems

    CORE soft is a cross-platform package intended for computers running any of the common operating systems, such as Windows, Mac OS or Linux, and for Android (Samsung Galaxy), OS X (Apple iPhone, Apple iPad) and Windows (Microsoft Surface) mobile devices.

    CORE is web-based and can be integrated into every IT environment with the greatest of ease. Just plug and play. All interfaces – if not yet available – can also be implemented individually. CORE is available "as a service" or "on site".

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