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Finding and retaining the right employees with active employee relationship management.

CORE soft is the ERM tool for all industrial sectors, intended for use in companies with more than 20 employees. It consists of four central modules along with their associated components. Modern management theory and practice is already making reference to the CORE principle.

The four central modules of CORE soft also provide it with its name and principle:


CORE info | CORE community | CORE atmosphere | CORE standup | CORE dialogue


CORE system | CORE score | CORE map | CORE mobility/rent | CORE inventory


CORE wellness | CORE shop


CORE candidate | CORE academy | CORE genius | CORE idea

CORE soft is rounded into the ultimate, indispensable and fully tailored communication instrument for the employee by:


Target group

CORE soft is a tool for all industrial sectors, intended for use in companies with more than 20 employees.

Employer branding, human resources management, employee communications, corporate social responsibility, organisational development, change management, innovation management, corporate culture, reputation capital, personnel marketing, intellectual capital, learning organisation, corporate wellness, vocational training, identiting, knowledge management, internal communication or simply leadership – all these management processes and methods require the right corporate and organisational culture.

CORE soft is the first software that supports these fields as a communication and management tool in a targeted manner for developing or maintaining this corporate or organisational culture.

Components of CORE soft







more of CORE

Integrate CORE soft into your company in 4 steps

CORE soft is the hard core for smart working methods. The solution is unique in terms of its combination of services, user-friendliness and design.

One software package for all systems

CORE soft is a cross-platform package intended for computers running any of the common operating systems, such as Windows, Mac OS or Linux, and for Android (Samsung Galaxy), OS X (Apple iPhone, Apple iPad) and Windows (Microsoft Surface) mobile devices.

CORE is web-based and can be integrated into every IT environment with the greatest of ease. Just plug and play. All interfaces – if not yet available – can also be implemented individually. CORE is available "as a service" or "on site".

Development of CORE soft

CORE soft was created back in 2000. The development, testing and enhancement process lasted ten years. During this time, CORE's client and user – Fill Machine Engineering – developed into one of the world's most successful hotbeds of mechatronics.

Nowadays the Austrian company has no problem finding the necessary employees for the company headquarters in the Innviertel region of Upper Austria.

On its release in 2012 CORE soft was a globally unique solution.

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