CORE tune

The communications instrument is commissioned.

CORE tune integrates CORE soft very smartly into every IT landscape.

CORE smartwork is a meaningful communication and management tool for networking employees. Ultimately, CORE smartwork is a software package that originated in the year 2000. Development and programming have taken place ever since. In 2012, all modules were once again adapted to the very latest insights for multi-platform software solutions.

CORE smartwork is compatible with all environments in modern IT landscapes. When developing the software, great attention was paid to ensuring that integration is simple. Nevertheless, there may be some tuning expenses depending on the landscape design. Following on from CORE act, CORE tune is the step towards IT integration.

Every new item of software immediately alerts all IT managers. CORE smartwork, along with CORE soft, provides a software solution that is simple to integrate and works with every modern platform environment. The system configurations that must be taken into consideration have already been raised and analysed in detail during the CORE act phase. This means that integration costs can be kept extremely low.

The name of the game for CORE smartwork is always: effective and efficient.

The technical hardware requirements are usually satisfied by the users of CORE smartwork. The majority of companies have the corresponding technical capabilities.

The IT experts from CORE smartwork clarify the tuning process in detail. They agree on a detailed integration plan. They ensure that any potential data transfer takes place, clarify processes for entering new data, and also take care of any special individual requests. Normally, the necessary degree of customisation is already provided for in the standard solution. CORE smartwork is an intelligent software package.

The tuning process also works with CORE smart.

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