CORE train

Success is generated together with the right expertise.

CORE train supplies the expertise for smart employee communication.

CORE smartwork provides a communication and management tool that can be used very quickly and intuitively. Ease of use and appreciable practical benefits make it widely accepted within the company.

Whenever there is change in an organisation, people often just see entry barriers. If information is communicated within the company in a more targeted manner, the more likely it is that people will be open to new things. For this reason CORE smartwork provides short, concise training courses across its whole portfolio of services.

Whether it be software administrators, content managers or users – CORE train tells everyone how it's done.

Every tool needs its master. CORE smartwork has three:

When everyone is properly tooled to carry out their tasks, then this unique instrument is readily used for meaningful communication and used perfectly in everyday work.

Alongside the one-off basic seminars, CORE train also provides a forum for exchanging experiences plus further training courses for system administrators, content managers and users in its academic programme. CORE train can also be ideally integrated into an in-house academy. Motivation and organisation for the academy is ideally supported by CORE smartwork itself.

CORE smartwork supports existing employees in the course of their working day. No CORE employees are required. Quite the opposite, in fact: CORE creates savings.

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