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"Communication is everything, because without communication, everything is nothing."

Conventional structures and entrenched patterns in communication are often a hindrance to the demands of the digital age. "Communication is everything, because without communication everything is nothing" is the slogan for keeping pace in the dynamic job market.

In 2021, the CORE smartwork communication and organization platform received a complete makeover. The focus was on user-friendliness, design and the latest technical improvements. Now, CORE has been further developed with brand new features and is more than "state of the art".

Gurten, 23nd November 2022 – "There is no substitute for personal and direct exchange, that is irrefutable. With our software, however, we offer an innovative solution that optimally supports efficient communication in companies, networks and organizations. Anyone who still thinks that home office, desk sharing and Co. are annoying side effects of the pandemic that are losing importance again will soon lose touch and interest with the younger generation," explains Andreas Fill, managing partner of CORE smartwork.


Plenty of new features

The competition for talent as well as customers is in full swing. Companies want to increase recognition value, while at the same time building trust and creating more identity. Successful brands radiate from the inside out, and so brand management begins with the company's own employees. The logo plays a weighty role in this process; it represents the "face" of the company. That's why the CORE smartwork team has created the option of having your own logo stored for the free CORE app. A chat function and integration with Microsoft Teams are also always hotly discussed. The technical team at CORE smartwork is already tinkering and working hard to implement this.



CORE tv is a kind of "television function" that enables the transmission of selected information to monitors and screens via news stream. The tool generally enjoys the highest popularity. With the update that has now taken place, the performance of CORE tv has been significantly increased. Among other things, operation has been improved with the introduction of a drag & drop function. Visibilities and languages can now be set individually with just a few clicks.


Package: CORE communication

As a further innovation, CORE communication is offered as the smallest package size. This made it possible to implement a compact solution that is easy to use and covers all communication needs. The new basic package is quickly integrated and contains a fixed selection of communication modules. CORE dashboard acts as the start page and CORE system represents the core of the new package as the employee database.

Feature of the week

In order to support customers in their daily work with CORE in the best possible way, a new newsroom "Feature of the Week" was created on the CORE community platform. Since September, a special feature from the various CORE modules has been presented on it every week and its functionality explained. "Communication is an essential part of living appreciation. Anyone who understands this and puts it into practice is well on the way to a successful future as an employer," sums up Andreas Fill.
The CORE community is a free exchange platform for CORE smartwork customers.



The EU Whistleblower Directive is the biggest change in compliance requirements for companies in years. For this reason, more and more companies are installing mechanisms to identify violations and grievances of any kind at an early stage.

The team of CORE smartwork has also thought about this and found a competent cooperation partner: "With a whistleblower system hosted in the cloud, we can offer our customers a communication channel that meets the requirements of the EU," informs Patrick Strauß, responsible for the technical development of CORE, and adds: "This gives employees but also external parties, such as suppliers, customers or the general public, the opportunity to confidentially communicate unethical and illegal behavior in the company to a central reporting office." The special feature of the solution is that CORE customers can provide their system with their own subdomain and design it in their corporate branding.

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Inventiveness as an asset for the entire company

The Hödlmayr Group has already been able to generate several hundred thousand euros in savings since the company introduced CORE idea at the beginning of 2022. This is innovation in action in everyday work.

Inventiveness as an asset for the entire company

The Hödlmayr Group has already been able to generate several hundred thousand euros in savings since the company introduced CORE idea at the beginning of 2022. This is innovation in action in everyday work.