Breakfast with management on the first working day


New standards in recruiting: CORE smartwork and Fill turn the first working day into an experience

Gurten, 17 March 2022 – "A warm welcome" is the motto for new employees at the internationally successful Fill mechanical engineering company in Gurten. And these are not just empty words, but are lived out in an unconventional way. On the first day of work, the new employees are invited by the management to a joint breakfast. In a relaxed atmosphere, the new colleagues get to know each other and receive exclusive insights into the company from the management team itself

Living appreciation right from the start

"With the welcome breakfast and our communication platform CORE as ideal support for our onboarding process, we are ideally equipped for new employees. This way, they are perfectly integrated and bound to our company in the long term," explains COO Günter Redhammer and continues: "The shortage of skilled workers, high initial turnover and costs for the hiring process are sensible reasons to define a good onboarding strategy and integrate it into the corporate culture in the long term. In this way, both sides benefit in the end."

CORE as an all-in-one solution for onboarding

Successful onboarding begins even before the first day of work. Thanks to the CORE communication platform, the entire onboarding process is handled digitally. Applicants can upload their documents to the Fill website. Through the interface, the application is processed directly in CORE and assigned to the responsible person. If a suitable candidate is found, the onboarding process is created and started with CORE workflow. "The new CORE workflow module makes it easy and fast to map recurring and cross-departmental workflows. Individual process steps can be distributed automatically, progress as well as completed or open To Do's can be viewed and evaluated at any time" informs Patrick Strauß, responsible for technical support and requirements engineering at CORE smartwork.

Digital welcome folder

All future Fill employees are given access to CORE before their first day of work and can use the dashboard, the start page, to read up on important initial information digitally and find out about current activities in the company. This saves paper, time and money.


for successful onboarding

1. Organize a welcome breakfast: Depending on the size of the company, a breakfast can be held together with the new colleagues and managers and/or the entire department every two weeks or once a month. This creates an open-door culture right from the start. This creates mutual trust and appreciation.

2. Define an onboarding buddy: 
This person is there to help guide the new employee during the first few months and, in the best case scenario, answer questions that may arise despite good onboarding plan.

3. Prepare the workplace: 
The PC and telephone are set up and ready for use. On the desk, the new employee will also find a small welcome package with a notepad, pen and the latest issue of the employee newspaper, in addition to his or her name tag. Small gestures, such as a hand-signed welcome card from the team, ensure rapid integration and boost motivation enormously.

4. Communicate your values:
Teach the new colleague about the mission, vision and values - they shape the corporate culture and determine the working environment. This helps them get a feel for their own place in this structure and thus contributes significantly to joint success.

5. Digitize your onboarding process:
Save time and money in the long run and invest once in an onboarding tool, such as the CORE communication and organization platform. With our all-in-one solution, your recruiting is perfectly supported, starting with the job advertisement and the application process, through the onboarding phase to the feedback interview after the probationary period.

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