You want to be a popular employer?
CORE smartwork is the solution.

Connect employees. Provide meaning! – this is the company's guiding principle. CORE smartwork is a tool for finding employees more easily, binding them to the company for the long term and motivating them to achieve "more".

It is a unique communications tool and management instrument and consequently the key to successful Employee Relationship Management (ERM). CORE smartwork is the incomparable international standard for development and maintenance of a unique employer brand. It bundles central communication functions and tasks, organization, health promotion and employee development into a web-based IT solution.

Who is behind it?

These three experts and their teams conceived and implemented this incomparable social enterprise solution:

Who leads CORE?

Michaela Keim leads the business. She has been involved from the very beginning. Together with her team, she is the contact point for all interested parties, customers, users and consultants.


Our guiding principle:

Connect employees. Provide meaning!


Our vision:

Briefly and succinctly: The number 1 in employee relationship management


Our value quartet:

Esprit de corps. Create team spirit.
Openness. Be open to new ideas.
Reputation. Make visions a reality.
Success. Enjoy success.


Our creed:

team up!

The book about the software

"Vernetze Mitarbeiter, stifte Sinn – Employee Relationship Management am Beispiel eines Hidden Champion" [Connect employees; provide meaning – employee relationship management based on the example of a hidden champion], published in 2016 by Springer Gabler Verlag. The author Martin A. Schoiswohl supplies the scientific basis for practical application here. He is the creator of the CORE principle and one of the founders of CORE smartwork.

Vernetze Mitarbeiter - Stifte Sinn!

This guide to employee relationship management shows precisely how companies succeed in positioning themselves attractively in the employer market and in recruiting qualified specialists. The decisive factor is the interaction between internal and external communication, between well-being management and personnel development, as well as well-coordinated background processes. The CORE principle developed by the author plays a key role in this process. All the process steps are illustrated in an easily understandable manner based on the example of a hidden champion from the technology industry. The book provides practical support in winning the fight for talent.

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Managing Director

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Technical Support

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